As Lunar Cappadocia Hotel, we are ready for 2020 season after Covid-19 virus.

We have taken below extra protections for our valuable guests in order to have a relaxed stay;


  • All our staff is returning to work after health check
  • Two times a day all the hotel stuff will heath checked
  • Everyone will work with masks worn

On Arrival

  • We have started Online Check in so that guests are no need to enter into reception
  • Room keys will be disinfected and will remain on the door before guest arrives
  • Welcome hygiene package will contain Turkish refresher, a mask, wet napkin and disinfectant
  • Hotel bellboy will work with glows and mask worn

Room Cleaning

  • Everything in the rooms are very new, the hotel is just opened in 2019 June 1st.
  • Cleaning stuff uses one-time equipment’s, swab, mask, glows in each room.
  • All our rooms are cleaned with high quality global brand products
  • Hot used items such as; tables, electrical buttons, TV controllers, kettles are disinfected
  • Bed sheets, towels and pillow cases are washed in high temperatures and each room need comes within a covered packaged without hand touch.
  • All our rooms are freshened after check out at least few hours.

Breakfast Hall

  • We have re-organized our tables and chairs in the restaurant according to social distance
  • During breakfast knifes, fogs and spoons will come within one time used paper bags
  • Breakfast stuff will use glows and mask all the time
  • Guests are not allowed to get too close to the buffet breakfast area but stuff will help them get what they want
  • Buffet plates will be covered with plastic stretch film
  • Inside breakfast hall there will be disinfectants
  • Breakfast hall will be freshened with special equipment’s


  • Our hotel is well known with its panoramic location over Göreme Valley and hot air Balloons
  • The large courtyard and terraces allow maximum relaxation
  • There is no need to use any elevator or anything to reach guests rooms
  • Each room has its own private patio or balcony
  • There is NO common air-conditioning system in the rooms
  • On request, there is room service


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